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1Wire Chip Reseter

Please read before you make a payment, if you have more questions please send me a email.

There will be no refunds.

1wire= DS2432, DS2431 and DSQ8
  • DS2432 can be resetted in full
  • DS 2431 & DSQ8 can be resetted a) full, b) partially (some addresses remain unchanged , and in these locations are the type of chip and the number of pages per cartridge. If these locations cannot be changed you cannot change the destination of the chip).  

ONLY 34$ (software and schematics)



Chip Reseter C250/c252 


Resetter And Programer For Dsq8/ds2431 Chips

Why buy a chip reseter with 400$ - 600$  when you can buid your own  with only 40$ (schematics and software = 34$ and parts 6$)?

When you make a payment you will receive schematics and build info. Building time will take only 20 - 30 minutes depending of your skills.


The software contains two programs(read software and separate write software) and a colection of chips dumps.

 The cheapest resetter for 1Wire chips.


 You can read/write  and convert chips like:


 Toner Chips for:

  • Bizhub C250
  • Bizhub C252
  • Bizhub C352
  • Bizhub C300
  • Bizhub C550
  • Bizhub C451
  • Bizhub C650
  •  PagePro 13xx - 14xx  
  • MagicColor 24xx - 25xx - 54xx - 55xx - 74xx
  • Bizhub 30
  • Bizhub C10
  • Bizhub C10p 

 Imaging units chips:

  • Bizhub C250
  • Bizhub C252
  • Bizhub C352
  • Bizhub C300
  • MagicColor 54XX-74XX 

  • Develop ineo+ 250 
  • Develop ineo+ 252
  • Develop ineo+ 300
  • Develop ineo+ 352
  • Develop ineo+ 550 (only toner Chips)
  • Develop ineo+ 650 (only toner Chips)
  • Olivetti Mf25+
  • Olivetti Mf30+
  • Olivetti DSQ8/DS2431 CHIPS
  • K.Mita DSQ8/DS2431 CHIPS

    Epson EPL 6200, Epson EPL 6200L

    Xerox Phaser 6115 , Xerox Phaser 6120 


    Konica Minolta toner chip reset for BIZHUB C250/C252 Image Unit
    Drum chip reset and toner chip reset for Konica Minolta Bizhub